Struggle #2: Even pros don’t know how to approach and implement measurement.

80% of PR professionals don’t measure because they don’t know where to begin.  Even if someone hands them some metrics (the raw building blocks of measurement), they might not have an approach for making it useful.

If you wanted to measure the path from your door to your car, you could use a tape measure or a yardstick.  If the path had direction changes in it, you’d measure each length and add them together to get a final answer.  If the path has a curve, you’d add its circumference.  If the path includes taking the elevator, you’d add in the height between floors.  Summed, they are a single and final answer to the question, “How far will I travel to reach my car?”

Media measurement is no different. Useful answers come from integrating your metrics together to arrive at knowledge.  Your approach should include gathering impressions, costs, and outcomes (sales, savings, actions).  Your implementation is a resulting equation to answer the question, “How effective was my activity?”  Knowing how things compare gives you insight for being more and more effective over time.

Comment if you are stumped about approaching your metrics and calculating your final answer.  I can help.

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