I’m Rusting….


Recently, an experienced public relations practitioner confessed, “I’m soooo rusty!  Social media execution, content creation and quick looks at dashboards have robbed me of the ability to recommend actionable insights to my brand.”

Rust can be cleaned off.  We can teach PR professionals to shine with insights again.  It’s a skill.  In 4 – 8 hours, you could learn to use social media posts to bring insights to your brand.

Our colleague is right to be sad.  Many public relations professionals have been reduced to simply purchasing social or digital impressions for their brand.  They declare a victory when the dashboard metric goes up.  There’s a lot less activity designed to develop lasting relationships with consumers or to gain insights into how that relationship is changing with emerging trends and upstart brands.  Young professionals are not learning the “relations” part of the public relations craft.

Interestingly enough, it’s the firehose of social media data that shows us more about consumers than ever before.  Machines are not insightful.  It’s humans that need to spend a few hours with that data to understand what creates consumer intention and action.  Every brand needs to acquire and retain loyal customers.  Every brand needs advocates.  Cultivating consumers is done with insights into behavior, beliefs and trends.

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One thought on “I’m Rusting….

  1. What’s the point of measuring if you’re not using the results to figure out what’s working and what isn’t so you can use that information to plan your next actions? I hope the rust remover begins working on a grand scale.

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