Measurement Basics – Tracking Coverage: 1 of 3

This is the first post in the “Measurement Basics – Tracking Coverage” series.

Discuss how to collect coverage related to a brand or key message as well as review that coverage for relevancy, content, and sentiment. The final post in this series will discuss measuring the value of the collected coverage and introduce the idea of using the knowledge obtained by tracking coverage.

The process of tracking brand or key message coverage is often relevant to:

  • The team monitoring media coverage for one event
  • The team monitoring ongoing key messaging for a brand
  • The team distributing a press release
  • The team releasing pre-recorded video content
  • The team coordinating live interviews for broadcast

Step 1: Collect coverage related to your brand or key messages

  • Independent monitoring could include creating web searches containing brand mention, or key message searches in any or all of the search engines. For ongoing monitoring, you may want to deliver those results to an RSS reader, or use some platform that will collect continuously for your review later.
  • There are Agencies that provide monitoring services for a fee.
  • Press releases, pre-recorded video content, or live interview coordination is usually done through a vendor. The vendor distributing your coverage to media outlets will provide a detailed report of placements.

Any of these data collection methods provide the foundation for tracking coverage.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Measurement Basics – Tracking Coverage”.

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