Why are you letting the digital ad guys steal your lunch money?

What?!  The room was instantly a little more awake.  The presenter on the stage had just implied that the PR practitioners in the room were weak or bullied or both.  Truth hurts.


Last year, buying paid posts on social platforms satisfied the battle cry for IMPRESSIONS where other media buys were slowing.  PR professionals were less familiar with targeting and buying media so the digital ad guys DID swoop in and convince the C-suite that buying impressions was all that mattered.

Technology and social media has blurred the edges between PR and marketing functions.   But it’s given them each advantages too – targeting, easy delivery of visual and video content, and more instant connections with consumers (good and bad).

Some folks forget that one hand washes the other.   Public relations is about selling the company or brand through positively managing many communication channels between a company and its stakeholders.  Marketing is about achieving direct revenue.

PR practitioners should be using measurement and insights to drive a positive reputation.  Every brand needs to engage their consumers to develop insights about authenticity and trust.  More than ever, we need to earn customer loyalty.  The R in PR is for relations

Social media platforms give us all the data we need to relate well.  Let’s measure the consumers’ relationship (engagement) with our brand to find ways to make it stronger.  Let’s measure what emerging brands are doing to win the relationship with consumers.   And let’s start measuring what our competitors are doing again.


Photo by David Goehring https://www.flickr.com/photos/carbonnyc/