Hunting the Elusive DUV (Daily Unique Visitors)


Imagine being asked to count a flock of doves perched together in a leafy tree. It’s very difficult to count the individual birds as they come and go and hop around in between the leaves. That data is nearly impossible to gather but it’s certain that the more accurately you can measure the number of individuals in the population, the more useful the data will be for conservation and research outcomes. That’s why ornithologists have developed proven counting techniques such as grouping and grids to closely estimate the realistic number of doves in the tree.

Does this problem sound familiar? Every week, communications professionals everywhere need to count the individuals who saw their media content. To measure outcomes realistically, we are in search of the elusive DUV (daily unique visitors) metric. If we cannot accurately count DUVs, we cannot perform outcome analysis well.

For online media outlets, it’s easy to find monthly unique visitors but that would grossly overstate the number of individuals who visited a certain url on a given day. Like our ornithologist friends, we need to count daily unique visitors using mathematically sound counting techniques.

At last, Blue Marble engineers have developed software that uses publicly available website rankings and proprietary algorithms to determine the daily unique visitors to a website. We’re solving a problem that’s vexed the public relations and marketing measurement world for years. We’re calling the new tool the DUV Hunter™.

Users will be able to type in a url and get back a current number of DUVs for that site. When DUV Hunter cannot find enough information to do the math correctly, the url is referred to our human researchers and DUV Hunter will email you a number later.

So many of our customers have said to us, “How on earth do you find all of these DUVs every week?” For all of them and for all of the new hires and interns who got stuck with the rotten job of looking for “reach” to report in trackers, we’ll be releasing the DUV Hunter next week. Watch for a link to the DUV Hunter on our website ( Try it for free until New Year’s Day. Tell us what you think.